Marion Faith Laird
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Marion has been fascinated with music since before she could talk. She began teaching herself piano at age two, and, by age three, was confident enough to branch out into melody.

Not satisfied with just one instrument, Marion used to make cigar box lyres with rubber bands, knowing she could play strings if she only had any. When she was ten years old, her cousin Don gave her his ukulele. Tuning it to suit herself, she played it like a guitar, which inspired her parents to buy one when she was thirteen.

Having already written music for piano and organ, Marion added guitar songs to her repertory. In addition to popular music, Marion fell in love with classical guitar music, and began playing in the styles of Andres Segovia, John Williams and Julian Bream. 

In her early twenties, Marion had her grandfather's violin repaired, and added even more variety to her musical life. After learning several styles of playing, Marion has played violin in her church ensemble.

Marion's other instruments currently include fife, recorder and Navajo flute, harmonica, Celtic harp, and mandolin.

Her life as a composer has led her down many musical pathways, and she continues to study and grow.

Marion is a current member of BMI and TAXI Independent A&R.
You can hear some of her music on Soundcloud. Some of her songs are available on Broadjam, iTunes and Amazon. 
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